Entry #1

Prints on InkFur!

2015-01-11 19:57:52 by theToonATic

Hey guys!

As I have a few things in my gallery I would like all of you to know that prints of my work may be found on my InkFur.com page for purchase!

These purchases are how I supply food and care for my children! Not that I'm begging, just saying XD

If you are interested, I am among some other talented artists there on InkFur.com and it is a sprout site that could use some more news spreading so here's my personal shop:


Also, for all you Furs and FurDettes out there, I have a FurAffinity page as well!


And for you social media tweeters, I have a Tweeter of my own where you can delve into my personal life and see some WIPs and sketches too!


I look forward to making new friends here and over on my other sites!

Also, I will be attending Furry Fiesta 2015 but sadly will not have a fursuit or a table BUT I will have a custom LollyCorn shirt and badge so I won't be easy to miss!

I will be offering badge and sketch commissions or maybe freebies for those who hit me up sooooo feel free to tap me on the shoulder and scream LOLLY!!!!

I will gladly hug you! XD


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