Entry #6

Character Design Session 1: To Be Streamed!

2015-08-20 22:21:08 by theToonATic

Hey NewGrounds peeps,

I am going to start doing these almost weekly or bi-weekly in order to get my brain out of the toilet.

Basically I need you all to vote on some little things I'll be posting here, commenting with your faves from each cateogry:

1) Genre:

~ Science Fiction

~ Steam Punk

~ Cartoon

~ Post apocalypse

~ Anthro

~ Horror

~ Medieval

~ Fantasy

2) Gender:

~ Male

~ Female

~ Genderless

3) Profession

~ Rogue

~ Thief 

~ Pirate

~ Assassin

~ Engineer

~ Magic user

~ Knight

~ Archer

~ Cleric

A little more about this is that I will be streaming this character creation and getting as much of it done as I can in my Twitch stream IF my recorder actually works. That will be this Friday at about 7-8 pm Central Time/US.

If for some reason, the stream doesn't happen, the development video will be posted on my new youtube channel:



Thanks guys and please post one of each category in your comments! This will be done all across my social media!





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